​​​​​​​Boy Scout Troop Contacts:

Scoutmaster - Steffan Roetheli, sir4876@gmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster - David Loar, dloar2@hotmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster - Colleen Doctorian, cdoctorian@icloud.com

Assistant Scoutmaster; Tim Kosobucki,  masteryoda9595@yahoo.com

Assistant Scoutmaster; Ryan Gates, ryan.a.gates@gmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster; Kim Nakahodo, kim.nakahodo@gmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster; Mark Wilper, mark@wilper.net

Assistant Scoutmaster - Jessica Preston, jess.preston@sbcglobal.net

Assistant Scoutmaster - Mandy Sanford, spiceymango@gmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster - Ross Taylor, taylross@gmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster - Terry Hobbs, hobbs_t@sbcglobal.net
Committee Chair - Brenda Wilper, bwilper77@gmail.com
Advancement Chair- Brenda Wilper, bwilper77@gmail.com 

Treasurer - Sarah Shuss, sarah.shuss@gmail.com

Secretary - Missie Schroeder, emrjsmom@gmail.com

Activity Coordinator - Sarah Shuss, sarah.shuss@gmail.com

Training Coordinator - Warren Stafford, troop354train@gmail.com

Fundraising - Krista DeWalt, kjdewalt23@gmail.com

Equipment Coordinator - Dave Pearce, weatherbylakedave@gmail.com

Membership Coordinator - Andy Davies, andydsells@gmail.com

Life to Eagle Coordinator - Nathan Hunold - Nathan.hunold@gmail.com 

Girls Troop 354 Contacts:

Scoutmaster - Ryan Gates; ryan.a.gates@gmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster - Christa Gates; irish557@hotmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster -George Gates; geogates1@gmail.com

Assistant Scoutmaster - Chris Sticken, christopher.sticken@kcpd.org

Committee Chair: Warren Stafford; troop354train.com

Cub Scout Pack Contacts:
Cubmaster - Kim Nakahodo, kim.nakahodo@gmail.com

Assistant Cubmaster - Chris Sticken; christopher.sticken@kcpd.org

Assitant Cubmaster - Curtis Norris, curtis.norris8532@gmail.com

Committee Chair - Mary Bennett, marylynn.bennett@sbcglobal.net
Treasurer - Jennifer Wingert, 

Secretary - (NEEDED)

Den Leaders:

AOL - Mandy Sanford, spiceymango@gmail.com

Webelos - Kim Nakahodo, kim.nakahodo@gmail.com

Bear- Curtis Norris, curtis.norris8532@gmail.com

Wolf - Edward Tapp, tapped3@yahoo.com

Tiger - Thomas Parsons, thomasaparsons@hotmail.com


Troop & Pack Leadership

Boys/Girls Troop and Cub Scout Pack 354 are chartered by Fairview Christian Church - 1800 NE 65th St. Gladstone, MO 64118

Boy / Girl Scout Troop 354 & Cub Scout Pack 354

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