Boy / Girl Troop 354 & Cub Scout Pack 354

                                                                        Troop 354 Code of Conduct and Behavior Rules

 When it comes to behavior, a guiding principle of Boy Scouts can be found in the Scout Oath, to be “morally straight”.  This means that on all Scout-related activities and meetings, Scouts are expected to behave in such a way that our Troop is a physically and psychologically safe environment where Scouts can grow and develop.

 The Boy Scouts of Troop 354 identified the following general behavior rules, which are consistent with the Scout Oath and Law:

*Be respectful to everyone, no exceptions. 
*No horseplay
*Raise your hand when you want to speak
*Don’t interrupt others who are speaking
*Get your work done first
*If you are assigned a job, do it
*Everyone work together
*No cursing
*No cell phones during Scouting activities and meetings

 In accordance with these rules, the following are consequences for failing to abide by this code of conduct.  Rather than list out every conceivable situation and potential consequence, the list below is divided into three broad categories of violations, with consequences appropriate to the violation underneath.  The Scoutmaster Team and the Committee Chair reserve the right to make decisions on consequences, and only the Key 3 can expel a Scout from the Troop.  

(Note: the Key 3 includes the Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, and Chartered Organization Representative). 

Any Scout who engages in behavior that is dangerous/unsafe (i.e. life threatening, or can or does cause serious physical or psychological injury), violent, excessively mean/racist/sexist, or aggressive behavior, or who engages in major vandalism/property damage and/or theft. 

Immediate removal from activity/meeting, not to return until a Key 3 meeting is held.  For property-related violations only, the Key 3 meeting requirement is optional at the discretion of the Scoutmaster Team and Committee Chair.
Some instances may be so egregious that removal from the troop is warranted after first instance.  This decision is made by the Key 3. 

Foul, mean, disrespectful language/behavior (including jokes and other morally questionable language), minor theft, minor property damage. 

For the first instance, the Scout will be removed from the activity to have a conversation with an adult leader.  Behavior expectations will be reinforced.  A minor consequence may be implemented, such as making an apology or being assigned a ‘chore’.
For the second instance, the Scout will be removed from the activity/meeting and have to go home. 
For the third and subsequent instances, the Scout will be removed from the activity/meeting and will not be allowed to return until a Key 3 or Scoutmaster Team meeting. 

Disruptive, irresponsible, uncooperative behavior. 

Consequences include warnings, reprimands, special assignments, extra ‘chores’, missing out on activities such as a troop game, writing apology letters, and eating last at meals.  
Repeated instances over a longer period will be dealt with in a Scoutmaster conference.
Continued behavior problems will result in a Key 3 meeting.

The Troop understands that Scouts are young boys growing into young men, and will make mistakes along the way.  This is expected from time to time, which is why consequences for the second and third category above are relatively minor compared to the first category. 

Please direct any questions you have to the Scoutmaster or
Committee Chair.