Cub Scout Pack 354 OR

Chartered to:

Good Shepherd UMC in Gladstone, MO

Affiliated with:

Golden Eagle District

Heart of America Council

Boy Scouts of America



Hi, and welcome to Cub Scout Pack 354! Here is hoping the information and guidelines presented to you in the next few pages will help get you off to a good start for the upcoming year. Please keep this packet as a handy reference for future information needs regarding Pack policy, uniform information, camp guidelines and other common questions. Thank you.

              To begin with, your son or daughter is a member of Pack 354, which is in the Golden Eagle District belonging to the Heart of America Council (HOAC). The Pack is the whole group of kids which is then broken into Dens. Dens are a group of scouts usually in the same grade.

Dens listing from Lions (Kindergarten), Tigers (1st grade), Wolves (2nd grade), Bears (3rd grade) Webelos 1(4th grade), and Arrow of Light (5th grade).

All Packs have a Chartered Organization which acts as a ‘sponsor’, and ours is Good Shepherd UMC Gladstone Church location at 2800 NE 64th St. Gladstone, MO 64118

The Pack is run by the registered BSA Adult Leaders of the Pack who make up the Pack Committee all of which are volunteers. Leaders include a Cub Master and Assistant Cub Master, Committee Chair, Secretary, Treasure, Event Coordinators, Awards Coordinators, Den Leaders and Assistant Den Leaders and others. All parents of a Cub Scout in Pack 354 are welcomed and encouraged to become a Committee Member. Our Committee meetings are usually held the first Sunday after a Pack meeting. All meetings are subject to change. These Committee meetings are open to ALL parents, guardians or grandparents of the Pack. We discuss budgets, events, fundraising opportunities and are always looking for new and exciting ideas to keep Pack 354 up to speed.

Den Meetings are held weekly at different times depending on the den leader. Please consult with your Den Leader for times and place.

Unless previously announced, our Pack Meetings are held the second Friday of the month at the church at 7:00 PM. Regular exceptions for this are the Pinewood Derby, Rain Gutter Regatta and the Blue and Gold Banquet.

Pack 354 follows a 12-month program. Our main time to work on advancement follows the NKC school year of late August through May/June. During the “off” months we participate in activities that help the scout earn their Summer Activity Pin. Things like summer camps, fishing, bike riding, spray parks, swimming etc. They are designed to keep the scouts active and maintain their interest in Scouts.


A Brief Summary of Scouting and the Cub Scout Program

              Scouting has been around a long time. The Boy Scouts of America was founded in 1910 and became federally chartered with the United States in 1916. Cub Scouts came into being in 1930. Millions of boys have worn the uniform, cooked over an open fire at a campsite, earned their Bobcat, raced their Pinewood Derby cars, worked on service projects and made new friends under the umbrella of Scouting. Flowing underneath all this fun and excitement is a character-building program that encourages making good ethical choices, family strengthening, physical fitness and citizenship skills in the lives of our boys (and now girls too).

              Scouting utilizes an advancement system that requires a scout to ‘do their best’ to fulfill and complete the requirements outlined in their handbook so that they may earn their rank badge. After receiving their badge, these scouts can go on to earn other awards by completing a series of electives. Please keep in mind that although there are lots of awards and recognition in Scouting, Pack 354 will strive towards the end that these are earned through significant, meaningful methods that your child will remember for a long time.

              In June of 2015, Cub Scouts transitioned to a new updated program. It is modeled on a program that is designed to teach your child through more hands-on activities than the old ‘lecture hall’ style of teaching. The scouts at all levels, except Lions and Tigers, will work on a series of seven (7) activities that are focused on achieving their rank. The new program is designed to engage the scout more along how life is learned today.

              At Tigers, Wolf, and Bear ranks, Cub Scouting centers on monthly themes that have lots of appeal to kids at this age. During den meetings, the scouts will be playing games, building craft projects, learning songs, and many other activities relating to this theme. In doing so, these scouts will be improving on different skills as they learn to get along with others, become more resourceful, and participate in new activities and venues.

              At the Webelos and Arrow of Light levels, in lieu of the monthly theme, the scouts are introduced to several diverse activity badges and within the framework of the Webelos and Arrow of Light dens they work on completing these badges. If you will notice, there are Webelos 1 (4th grade) and Arrow of Light (5th grade). At the first level, after earning their Webelos badge, Webelos will continue to earn additional activity badges and gain new knowledge and skills in these areas. The Arrow of Light, though maybe still earning activity badges, will also begin focusing on completing other requirements for their Arrow of Light award and will be participating in various activities with the Scouts BSA Troop 354.


              Lots of Cub Scouting happens in the den. Please remember that your child’s Den Leader is a Volunteer putting forth his or her time and effort to help your child “do their best” to earn their badges, participate in the fun, and gain all the positive values that the Cub Scout program has to offer. Please assist them in the following ways.

Please have your scout to den meetings on time.  Your den leader has lots of activities planned and it is important to have the whole group together to begin the evening’s fun and projects.
Please pick up your scout from den meetings on time. Your den leader has places to go and kids that they must put to bed, too. Better yet, ask your den leader if they could use an extra pair of hands that night and stay. Not only will your help be appreciated, but also you can see what your scout is working on.  Lions and Tigers must have an Adult/Guardian with them at all meetings, trips, etc. Enjoy the time together!
Be an active parent. Everybody has some special abilities and ‘know how’ that can be a great help in matters relating to Cub Scouts. Please make sure you have completed the Parent Talent Survey Sheet and return it to your leader. In addition to the scouts learning new skills from YOU, I promise that you will have a good time helping them and you just might learn something new in the process.
Scouts in uniform. Class A uniforms (Field Uniform) is how it is referred to. Unless otherwise informed to wear Class B’s (BSA T-shirt, or Pack shirt) Shirts are to be tucked in, looking sharp.


              Whereas at weekly Den meetings the scouts might do activities towards earning rank badges and awards, the monthly Pack meeting is where these awards are presented. It is an important part of the program, as it allows the scout to receive their recognition in front of the group as a whole, inspires the younger scouts to strive towards achieving future ranks, and brings everybody together for the big night. Not only does it provide recognition, but every month usually follows a super fun activity or location.

              Pack Meetings are a family affair. This is where siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and even interested friends are invited to attend.

              At Pack meetings, the Cub Master will ‘do their best’ to make sure that each Den has a chance to display that special craft they made, song they learned, skit they’ve rehearsed, or interesting places they visited. In addition, there might be important information shared, an advancement ceremony, or other themed event planned for the evening.

              Please observe the following guidelines regarding the Pack Meetings.

Please accompany your child to his Pack Meeting. Pack Meetings are a family event – brothers, sisters, grandparents, but most of all, YOU! We require you there not only to help keep order at the meeting (things can get a bit rowdy), but also because in Scouting many awards are presented to the parent who then presents it to the scout. Again, Cub Scouts is a family program.
Please arrive to Pack Meetings on time. Plan on arriving at least ten minutes early to confer with your scout’s den leader about upcoming events, chat with friends etc. as the meeting needs to begin on time. If your scout is helping as a member of a flag ceremony, or assisting with other Pack meeting activities, it is imperative to have him or her there on time. Thank you.
Pack meeting is definitely the place to wear their uniform. Class A uniforms (Field Uniform) is how it is referred to. Shirts are to be tucked in – looking sharp!
Pack Meetings are a time of excitement and enthusiasm.  Please be respectful of all the scouts and remain for the entire program. It is very impolite to get up and leave after your Cub has received their awards. Most of all, we hope to make Pack Meetings entertaining, enriching and FUN!!
 Please consider contacting your den leader for fun ideas you think might make a Pack Meeting even better!

$$$$$ PACK 354 DUES $$$$$

              We believe that a Scout should pay his own way. We also believe that when necessary a Scout should not suffer because they are unable to cover all the costs experienced with being a Scout. With this in mind,

Pack 354 collects dues to help cover the costs of the activities within the Pack.

              Pack Dues are: $150.00. (Breakdown, $105.00 for recharter, $45.00 for Pack operation cost) In addition to fundraising, this is an annual fee collected to help: 1) fund the basic operation of the pack 2) cover the cost of the yearly rechartering of the Pack 3) yearly subscription to Boy’s Life Magazine, and 4) cover costs of the Pinewood Derby car, the rain gutter regatta boat and the patches and awards that will be earned during the year. This fee also includes the insurance issued to cover the scouts and Adult Leaders at all Scout functions.  Starting this year, BSA is issuing a onetime only $25.00 new scout fee.

              Dues are to be collected in two ways. At one time due in October or broken down into two payments from October to December. We accept debit and credit cards with a service fee added to the transaction or checks and cash.

              Dues for adult volunteers and leaders are $75 annually and to be collected in full in October. These cover the initial registration or rechartering fees. This is recommended if attending Bear or Webelos summer camp.

              Please pay your dues promptly. Your den leader or other parents will be purchasing various items for craft projects, supplies, snacks etc. and it sure helps to have money ‘on hand’. Also, please make sure your scout has a handbook, and anything else needing for the meeting before leaving the house.

              The Pack maintains a business bank account at First Bank of Missouri with records being kept by our Pack Treasure. We are always open and if you have any questions.

How much does it cost to have my child in Cub Scouting?

              As in other activities, there are costs involved with Scouting. Rather than thinking of this as just another expense, look at it as an investment in your child. This list does not include Pack dues and recharter. All items can be purchased at the Northland Scout Shop (345 NW Barry Rd, Kansas City, MO 64155)

Initial costs are as follows (remember this is only an estimate):

For dens Tiger through Arrow of Light

(Tiger -Bear) Blue Scout Shirt - $25.99 OR (Webelos/Arrow of Light) Tan Scout Shirt $44.99
Initial patches - $20.00
Handbook - $16.99
Neckerchief and slide - $15.99
Cub Scout Belt - $9.99

Optional uniform items

Brag vest for specialty patches - $14.99
Den appropriate hat - $14.99

Lions only

Lion T-shirt - $9.99
Lion Kit (similar to handbook) - $9.99
OPTIONAL- Hat - $12.99


HINT: If you purchase the Scout shirt in larger sizes, it will last your scout a couple of years, letting them grow into it, and saving you buying one every year!


Other activities that take place throughout the year:

Summer Day camp - $70.00
Bear Camp -$85.00 (1 day 1 night)
Webelos Camp - $155.00 (3 day, 2 nights)
Scouting day at the K - $10.00
T-bones - $25.00


*These activities take place every year. Also, these prices can vary from year to year. The others are listed as potential, depending on the club sponsoring the activity. This is not an all-inclusive list but rather a general outline of the opportunities available. Prices listed for uniforms and activities are approximate figures based on recent history.


       Throughout the year there will be various fundraisers. Some of these might go to benefit the Pack for a trip, outing, or needed supplies and some to benefit the Scout, Pack and HOAC. As Cub Scouts, we will always try and make sure to emphasize the fun in fundraising.

       Pack 354 sells Scout BSA Popcorn yearly in the fall. The funds raised from popcorn will help offset various Pack activities, costs of running a program. Depending on the amount of funds raised it can also help offset costs of summer camp, purchase Pack shirts etc. We also have available throughout the year is Hy-Vee coupon books. These books sell for $5.00 each.

       We are always looking for ways to fundraise for the Cubs. We are limited in scope by the National BSA. If you have an idea, please do not hesitate to bring it to the attention of the Pack Leadership.

Cub Scouting and You

       Throughout the year there are banquets, fundraisers, scout show and sells, parades, derbies, camping, and many other activities and functions. Ambitious as they are, Cub scouts still needs your help in implementing the program and thereby giving us the chance to keep our promise in the part of the Law that states “The Pack Helps the Cub Scouts Grow”. Remember, the Pack is all of us working together…leaders, parents and scouts.

       Unlike other programs your child might enroll in, Cub Scouting involves the whole family. In Tigers, you are your child’s mentor. Throughout the year you will be asked to assist on different committees, and different events. Please volunteer freely and give of yourself when called upon to help. You will find it a rewarding experience, and one which you and your child will remember you did together. Hey, you might even meet some awesome friends along the way too.


       Pack 354 maintains a website, which is updated often to inform the Pack members of upcoming events. We also work with the Scout BSA Troop 354 on this account so your child will have the opportunity to see what is happening with the older scouts. We also run a Facebook Page. Please click Like and Subscribe. Search Cub Scout Pack 354.

       Another important way of communication we use is GroupMe. You will be in the Pack Member board and a den board. This is the fastest form of communication we have found. We will also use email, but you will be informed of an email sent through GroupMe.  GroupMe hours of operation is between 9am and 9pm. Please refrain from sending messaging after these times as they send messages to all families in the group. Also keep side conversations off the platform and onto private messaging. GroupMe is strictly for information and questions. We appreciate your understanding.

       Pack 354 has a “Scoutbook” page ( This is new to us and Scout BSA. This is a website where you will be able to monitor your Cub’s progress through the program. You and your scout will be able to access the site from any web enabled device to see where the Cub is along in his or her advancement trail.

       It is important that when your child receives a badge that is to be a part of their uniform, you sew it to their shirt as soon as possible. They earned it and it deserves to be displayed. Thank you.

Summer Camps and Day Camps

       These are a huge part of Scouts. Your child will not only experience fun and exciting activities but will grow and make new friendships. Summer camps and day camps start work early in the year. Reservations and deposits start in February. So, this does not sneak up on you, here is the run down of what to expect. All dates and prices can change from year to year.

Day Camp - Children in incoming grades first through fifth. Day camps are not overnight camps. They involve four to five days usually 8am to 3pm of daytime activities outdoors. Day camps usually focus on Scouts earning achievements based on nature, cooking, shootings sports, crafts and most importantly, FUN! Adult leadership is critical to having a great camp experience. The Pack must provide leadership and adult supervision for their Cub Scouts who attend Day Camp, plus provide transportation to and from the camps. It is recommended that packs have at least one registered adult leader attend camp for every five to six Cub Scouts. Just like all Scouting activities, two deep leadership must be followed, and Youth Protection Training completed for all adults. Everyone must complete parts A and B of the Annual Health and Medical Record.

COST: $70.00 per scout.  Adults Free

Bear Camp - Bear Camp programs are conducted during the summer at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation as a two-day, one-night experience. It is designed especially for scouts going into 3rd grade and their parents. Bear Resident Camp is a one-on-one camping experience. Each Scout spends 2 full days and 1 night of fun in the wilderness of Cub World. Scouts and their adult/guardian will participate in many exciting activities like Water Park — Swimming, Theme Related Activities — Crafts, Games, Outdoor Cooking, Special Events, Exciting Campfire with Staff and Cub Scout Participation, Field Sports — BB Guns, Action Archery, Nature and Conservation, Campsite Living, Central Camp Trading Post. Dates for camp are usually between beginning of June through end of July. Parents and leaders will vote on a session. Just like all Scouting activities, two deep leadership must be followed, and Youth Protection Training completed for all adults. Everyone must complete parts A and B of the Annual Health and Medical Record.

COST:  $85.00 per scout and $65.00 per adult. $30.00 non-refundable deposit per scout/adult due February. Remaining amount due April.

Webelos Camp - Any registered Webelos Scout (including third grade graduates) may attend Webelos Camp. Webelos camp programs are conducted during the summer at the Theodore Naish Scout Reservation. Webelos camp is a three-day, two-night experience, and contains separate activities for first- and second year Webelos (Arrow of Light). First-Year Webelos program include activities which introduce Scouts to an outdoor camping experience. Requirements for Aquanaut, Craftsman, Readyman, Naturalist, and Outdoorsman Activity Pins are offered. The Second Year Webelos program is designed to help prepare older Webelos for their transition to Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Camping. Highlights include a Bouldering Wall, Model Rocket Building, and Action Archery. New Outdoor Skills and Games areas allow Scouts to have fun in an outdoor camp setting while teaching them how to work together. Dates for camp are usually between beginning of June through end of July. Parents and leaders will vote on a session. Just like all Scouting activities, two deep leadership must be followed, and Youth Protection Training completed for all adults. Everyone must complete parts A and B of the Annual Health and Medical Record.

COST: $155.00 per scout. $145.00 full-time adults. $50.00 a day for part-time adults. $50.00 non-refundable deposit per scout/adult due February. Remaining amount due April.

Uniforms, Patches and Accessories

       A scout uniform is a source of pride to your Cub. Scouts in uniform are more conscious of their role in Cub Scouting and feel a sense of pride and belonging when wearing one. A uniform provides proper place for the display of badges earned and a way for them to ‘show the world’ that they have been rewarded for their achievements.

       In addition, Scouts in uniform create a strong, positive, visible image in the community that helps to strengthen the important ties between the public and the Scouting organization.

       It is expected of your Cub to wear their uniform to Den and Pack meetings unless otherwise instructed. Shirts should be clean, worn tucked in and with the correct and most current patches. Class B’s (BSA t-shirts or Pack t-shirts) will be offered sometime in the scouting year or can be purchased from the Northland Scout Shop.

       Pack 354 does not require the wearing of official Scout pants or shorts. We do however request that your scout come dressed in appropriate attire for their meeting. This means either clean blue jeans or slacks and during the warmer weather months appropriate shorts. Athletic shorts or torn jeans are not acceptable. Exceptions can be made for times when the Cub is coming from a sports team practice. Please do not abuse this. It is difficult to maintain a ‘scouting’ appearance in a mismatched uniform.

       Since this a year-round program, we recommend getting the short sleeve shirt. This way during the cooler times a long sleeve t-shirt can be worn under the uniform shirt.

       In addition to the purchasing of a uniform, there will be many patches that need to be sewn on your child’s shirt. Please pay close attention as to where on the uniform these need to be placed. (Please refer to the pictures on the last page)

Now that my child is a Cub Scout, what do I do?

       Glad that you asked. The Pack is all about the child. Everything we do is focused on making your child the best Cub Scout possible. A good Scout is a better member of their family, their school, their church, and their community. We want your scout to a) have fun while learning, b) learn how to have fun and c) if it all works right, become an Eagle Scout. For this to happen, we need you to be an involved adult.

       The Pack is like an iceberg. There is a lot going on that nobody sees. There are many ways you can participate. You could start out at the Den level. You could be a Den Leader, Assistant Den Leader, or maybe you are the adult that can occasionally help the Leader with the weekly program. Maybe you help fundraise, run a committee or help with show and sells. You could even just bring treats occasionally.

       Do you have a special talent or know someone who does? Are you photographer, or an artist or maybe an underground basket weaver? Everyone has something they can contribute to make Pack 354 awesome. You do not need to have a background in scouting to help! Can you run a website or take notes at a meeting? How about balancing a checkbook? The committee runs the Pack and we are ALWAYS looking for talented people like you. The committee, like your cub, advances through the program. Someday the Cubmaster will move on with their scout to the Troop and someone will need to take their place. You might be that person. The program cannot function without scouts and the committee cannot function without adults willing to volunteer to help make the program run.

       Maybe the better question should be “What Can I, as an adult, do to help my Cub get the most out of Scouting?” The answer is simple, VOLUNTEER. You will not regret it. Learn, grow, and have fun with your scout.

       If you have ever volunteered for anything you know that there are going to be issues. Issues with time, finances, personalities etc. Some of us are good with details. Some are good with finances. Some are good with their hands. The person who volunteers to lead children has a special gift. Not all of us have this fit. Nothing wrong with that. If you have it, great. If not, then please help lift up those who do.

       Because we are all different sometimes there will be conflict. In Pack 354 we have a system in place to help with conflict.

Among the scouts: Should a serious issue arise; the leader of the boy and his parents will have a discussion and work out a solution. This is the best possible scenario to solve the issue. Should that not work, the Committee Chair will get involved to help reach a beneficial solution for all concerned.
Among the adults: Here the conflicting parties will meet with the Committee Chair either on-on-one or with all involved parties with the goal of reaching a solution that benefits the parties involved as well as their cubs.

Cub Scout Safety and Etiquette

       For the safety of the Scout and the Leaders, the following practices must always be followed while on a Cub Scout Pack 354 or BSA sponsored event, camping trip, or meetings. This includes Day camp, Bear camp, Webelos camp, or a Family camp within a den or Pack.

1. 2 Deep Leadership: While on any BSA sanctioned activity the ‘2 Deep Leadership’ rule must be followed. This means that at any time there must always be 2 or more adults at each event in which there are Cubs involved. Also, there can never be any one-on-one contact with a child outside the view of the other leaders or scouts. This even applies to parent-on-cub contact. If you are alone with your scout you should not be outside the view of the other leaders in the group. This also includes driving scouts to and from activities. It is best to avoid any situation where an adult is in a one-on-one situation with any scout that is not their own child.

                                   a. Sleeping arrangements: A scout is only allowed to sleep in the same tent as an adult if the adult is the scouts parent or guardian. Scouts should sleep 2 per tent.

                                    b. Scout counseling during an activity: If counseling is to be issued during an event, the counseling activity must not take place outside the view of the other leaders at the activity. Understanding that in certain situations there will be some individual counseling with a cub, take it to the side of the camp site or event space and always within the view of the other leaders at the activity.

                                    c. Disciple during an activity: If a scout’s actions require discipline it should be done in a manner consistent with the Scouting guidelines. It should never take place in a one-on-one situation unless it is a parent-on-cub. It is always recommended that any discipline be with two or more adults present. There should never be any corporal discipline used at any scout activity.

              2.  Alcohol:  Alcohol in any form is never permitted at any Scouting activity.

       3. Smoking: Should an adult partake in smoking in their personal life is their prerogative. While understanding that this is a difficult habit for all involved, should an adult feel the need to smoke it should be done in a manner that is non-invasive to the scout activity. There should be no smoking at any time in the presence of a Cub Scout.

Snow Days/School Cancelation

       If the North Kansas City School District cancels school for snow or other weather-related conditions, all scouting activities will be canceled as well. If it is a scheduled no school day, it is left up to the leader’s discretion. Please stay informed with your Den Leader.


This is a brief overview of the basic guidelines with which we as leaders must follow to ensure the safety of all Cubs under our care.

To get a full and complete understanding of the BSA’s guidelines please do one or both of the following:

       1. Read the Parents Guide to Youth Protection flyer found at the front of your Cub’s handbook. This pamphlet is included in every new handbook purchased.

       2. Go to and take the Youth Protection training. This is a 30-35-minute online course directed at all Scout Leaders and is required to become a registered leader with BSA. You do not have to register as a leader to take this course, but you will need to sign in which will require some personal information to create your account.


       Thank you for taking the time to go over this handbook with your new Cub Scout. With your help, this will be an exciting, rewarding experience for you, your child, your family, and our Pack!

       We are glad you have joined us! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. To sum up scouting, think of it this way. “FUN with a purpose.” We want to build Characters with Character!


Yours in Scouting,


Jessica Preston - Committee Chair




Lions T-shirt

Lions program kit


Den Appropriate handbook
Blue Cub Scout Shirt with U.S. flag
HOAC Patch
3,5, and 4 red and white numeral patches
Purple Fleur-De-Lis Symbol patch
Den appropriate Neckerchief and slide
Cub Scout belt


Webelos Handbook (will be used for two years)
Tan Boy Scout Shirt
Checkered Neckerchief and slide
Webelos Colored shoulder ribbon


Den appropriate hat includes Lions
BSA licensed t-shirts for Class Bs

Boy / Girl Troop 354 & Cub Scout Pack 354